When it comes to wedding cakes, there is really a thin discerning line between extraordinarily created custom cakes from that of a flop. For what may seem beautiful to the bride may be too ostentatious to others, while at the same time it may also seem underwhelming and not that impressive to some guests too. Yet many individuals love to prepare and bake cakes for the family, and given that they do have the talent for making an amazing wedding cake, yet the way it looks is kind of ordinary and might not be something that would fit a big event such as your wedding.

Then again, there are also those people who can make cakes that resemble out-of-this-world configurations and yet, does not really have the kind of taste that you are looking and craving for at your wedding day. Truth be told, something exceptional does happen when you are able to join these two requirements: an incredibly tasting cake with immaculate workmanship – which can only be achieved through cake mapping. Indeed, having achieved this you can definitely say you have truly accomplished your wedding cake goals! You may read further about wedding cakes at

The thought of turning wedding cakes into ultimate works of art can never be stressed enough, especially by the bride who wants nothing-less-than a custom-made wedding cake to be present in such a special occasion. Some of them would even prefer to use unique projection mapped cake toppers or embellish the top with intricate designs just to achieve the kind of custom wedding cake that they wanted. Be that as it may, settling on an “okay” or “just right” kind of cake must never happen.

They say that good thing starts with the eyes. So aside from looking great, it must also need to have an incredible taste. Having that kind of cake that tastes of heaven is all about a matter of finding that immaculate recipe, tweaking it and perfecting it. It does take a considerable measure of experimentation as well as a trial-and-error phase just to culminate the kind of heavenly taste that you are looking for – granted that you are in the habit of baking your own cakes. Otherwise, save yourself the trouble and attempts in trying to ace this feat and just order from an expert baker who can make you a projection mapped cake that is guaranteed to look and taste perfect. Just try to leave the idea of perfecting this for now for some other time, say, not until after the wedding day. See an example of horse & carriage on a cake…...


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