Wedding Cake Projection Mapping

Top of Cake for wedding ceremony

Projection mapped wedding cakes are the best choice for unique, one-in-a-million wedding celebration!

How Does Wedding Cake Projection Mapping Work?

Two plain sides of a tiered weeding cake present a custom-made video, animation, and slideshow for your wedding. This is designed specifically for your wedding and can highlight any variety of animations, videos, messages, photographs, and special effects to make your dream cake come to life through an eye-catching lightshow.

These projection mapped wedding cake are more than a sweet filling; they are the main feature for your wedding reception! These projections cannot be missed if you want your wedding to be one-of-a-kind. With every projection specially made for each couple, you will be standing proud that your passion, interest, and unique style will be shown from a cake which will guarantee to be the talk of your family and friends!

No two-cake projection will ever look the same. Whether you want a cute love story, dazzling animated show, or even romantic photo-story, wedding cake projection mapping designers know exactly how to make your dream cake projection with come to life for you big day!

Unique Wedding Cake Projection

Just like your wedding day, your wedding cake projection is all about you as a couple. Your story, your likes, your journey, or even your future together! Each part can be customized and designed to suit your desired theme. Tell your story and reflect your personalities on your wedding day. Learn more about wedding cakes at


Each animated projection cake showcases a combination of customized content, stock images, and animations to create the perfect 10-minute light show for your wedding day. This can include photo collages, moving animations, video messages from friends and family, and handwritten messages from well-wishers. Designers work with you to create this spectacular display to meet your expectations.


The sides which are not used for projecting can be decorate with any theme, this may include decorations from laces, flowers, pearls, or edible Legos and models for a more modern vibe!


Each wedding cake projection mapping package includes a table and wall d?cor. Designers will provide any color combination of lights for the surroundings which can be static, flash, or even twinkly depending on your desired theme, as well as including matching table cloth and d?cor to compliment the style. Designers also include projected photo frames which can showcase videos & pictures. These sit right beside the cake and provide an extra dimension of glam to the display.


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