Wedding Event Perfection with Cake Mapping Projection


In every event, may it be your birthday, wedding or reunion, having a cake to offer will really make the event more meaningful, right? With a lot of pastry shops and bakeshops everywhere, you can immediately buy your own cake. In fact, cakes nowadays can be customized depending on your preferred design. You can request for a personalized cake with a cartoon character shape or you may want your face to be the model of the cake. Either way, you will surely enjoy eating your cake.

But with technology advancements, cakes don’t just give meaning to your special event, cakes from can also be considered to be the highlight of the event but not because of its size, design or taste, but because of the cake projection mapping.

One of the most important events in your life is wedding day, right? So in order for to make it more memorable and at the same time, unique, you need to surprise your crowd. To do that, you need to have a highlight for the night and that is your cake projection mapping.

Cake projection mapping is not yet popular. There are already a lot of weddings that make use of this type of entertainment but not all are able to provide not because of the cost of the package but because there are limited suppliers for this type of service and product. Know more facts about wedding cakes at

You will definitely enjoy watching a cake projection mapping here since it shows different themes depending on your preferences. But again, finding a supplier for this type of service is not that easy. You may need to check the Internet for companies that offer such product and services. It will cost you more if you want to have this in your wedding but it will definitely payoff because your audience will surely love the mini show.

You may want to try it also. You can find videos and tutorial on how to do it on your own. All you need to secure are the items needed such as projector, your laptop, your preferred design, 3D or 4D effects, and your software. Yes, software is needed to come up with this type of presentation on your wedding day. It will be a lot of work and practice but once you are able to apply it, you can easily repeat it afterwards. You just need more experience on this and by the help of the Internet, you can surely do it with perfection.


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